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Pop Deez 30ml Bottle with Vape Surprise
Pop Deez 30ml Bottle with Vape Surprise

Pop Deez 30ml Bottle with Vape Surprise

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(All 3mg juices will be sent in the new Limited Edition Boxes)

Our Pop Deez reminded us so much of the past, we had to do a parody with the packaging.  Inside each box, you will find a 30ml bottle of our awesome caramel popcorn flavor ejuice.  Along with it, you will also find a vape surprise, ranging anywhere from drip tips, tanks, drippers, mods, a Vegas trip and more! So, #whatsinyourbox?

Our e-juices comes in your preference of 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg and is a 60vg/40pg blend.

WARNING: This product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Many people have asked us if there was any Diacetyl in Pop Deez and we have requested a third party lab to have it tested for us and here is what the lab reports had to say about the juices:

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Rating Multiple Review
From other companies, I can't tell the difference between one Vape and another because there's too much flavor and sweetener. This is the only Vape I can use in my tank with that will not gum up my coils and burn the cotton. Each one of my coils will last me a very long time. I've only found that to be true with this particular product. I still do use it in my dripper from time to time because I really like the flavor. I Vape this product because it is good. There is one more thing about the prizes that you find in the Box and I believe it's important. There is another manufacturer that I will buy their Vape and I only use it in the dripper. The last time I ordered that particular Vape they sent me two samples. It's been at least 6 months since I got them. And I tried one a couple of days ago. And the flavor wasn't horrible but it was in my face. I took a magnifier to that bottle today. I usually order 6 milligram nicotine Vape. The two other samples this other vendor sent we're not 6mg Vapes. They were 1.5. Why would anybody do such a thing? When I opened a box from steep Vapors I did get another juice to try. It was the first time I actually found a bottle of juice in the Box. The thing that I noticed and makes a huge difference is that I know the bottle I won inside of the box was 6 mg of nicotine. They took the time to match the right level of nicotine to the juice they wanted you to try. This is the only manufacturer I have ever seen that. Because there is a huge difference between vaping something with 1 mg of nicotine versus 6. Your juice will taste very different. Nicotine changes how your Vape will taste. If a company is asking you to review a product that isn't the nicotine level that you normally Vape then you have to add nicotine to that. Steep Vapors doesn't force you to have to do that. They want you to try the juice on your level. And what that says is that this particular manufacturer actually cares enough to make sure if you get a sample then you will be testing something and you will know if you like it or not.It says a lot about the company's integrity. They make a great Vape and they really want to make sure that you're satisfied. How many companies out there today do that? Today I received another bottle of Cinna from Steep. I didn't ask for one. They just sent it to me. What this says is that Steep treats the little guy as they treat retailers. That's what sets them apart from every other company.
  Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 1/22/2018
Rating Awesome!!!
I have been vaping for 3 years now. I went through bottle after bottle of juice trying to find that perfect flavor. Finally, I came across PopDeez and I haven't used another juice since. I love the taste and it doesn't use up my coils either. I will be vaping this as long as they make it. As far as I am concerned, it the best thing out there!!
  Reviewed by:   from Tennessee . on 1/11/2018
Rating I was desperate
I wanted to love this vape juice. I ran out of my usually and the company website was down so I rush to the vape shop and the guy recommended this. To me it doesn't taste like caramel corn at all. It tasted like buttered popcorn. I don't like buttered popcorn so I was so disappointed. I use the Wismec Reuleaux Mini so I don't know if I just my settings maybe it will taste better?
  Reviewed by:   from Columbus, Ohio. on 8/11/2017
The box is super cute and the smell after opening the shipping envelope was like walking into a movie theater! This is a dead on flavor, the best. I will now only buy this as my favorite caramel popcorn :) You won't be sorry you ordered this juice!
  Reviewed by:   from Minnesota. on 8/1/2017
Rating Miss
I've been a vaper quite a while, even work for a massive vape company... I met these guys at the Birmingham expo uk, recently. This juice is 10/10, I have never found a juice I love so much!! Makes my mouth water :) so glad I met you guys ! And thankssssss x
  Reviewed by:   from Birmingham England . on 5/27/2017
Rating The Man
Best caramel popcorn flavor in the vape scene. Great flavor, prompt service, and cool prizes will keep me coming back.
  Reviewed by:   from Burke. on 5/18/2017
Rating Sooooo Yummy!
My shop stopped carrying Pop Deez so I'm so glad I found it online. It came fast with no problems. I LOVE IT! The caramel flavor is spot on and not overpowering. Absolutely delicious! I only wish it came in a gallon size!
  Reviewed by:   from Smyrna, TN. on 5/10/2017
Rating The Best EJuice That I Have Ever Tasted !
If I was told that I could only have one ejuice to vape for the rest of my life then this would be IT ! I choose Pop Deez ! I fell in love with pop Deez the very first taste ! If you like oh so awesome buttery popcorn then this is for you ! I have vaped alot of this juice and vaped it heavy and never once got tired of it ! And another very big thing , Pop Deez is very easy on your coils ! I have vaped tank after tank and coils and cotton still clean as can be ! I HIGHLY recommend Steep Vapors Pop Deez !! After 3 yrs of vaping I finally found the ejuice that I will be vaping for as long as they keep making it ! Thank you Steep Vapors ! (Bobbi1972jo) IG
  Reviewed by:   from Stanford KY . on 5/10/2017
Rating Yes!!!
I got an e-mail asking if I'd like to review this right when I was checking the tracking number for the NEXT bottle (and... yay! it should be here in an hour!). I have been vaping for three and a half years, and what is coming in the mail is the very first 120 ml bottle I have ever bought of anything... so, I guess that that is my review LOL! Very, very good... big bottle good!
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 4/3/2017
Rating Best flavor I've ever had!!!
I have tried many different flavors but this one is actually my favorite. I'm very picky about what flavors i vape because some make me actually sick to my stomach... this one does not. It's not a strong overpowering taste. The caramel popcorn taste is great! And most of all it does not contain the harmful chemical. The shop I went to stopped carrying the 12mg, so I thought I would go to the website and there it was... I only buy from steep vapors now online. They are great to do my shopping with!!!
  Reviewed by:   from York, Pa. on 3/23/2017
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